Sunday, 3 August 2014

Efficient Android Threading, By Anders Goransson, O'Reilly Media

I'm not a Java threading expert , so I decided to spend some of my spare time to study it . I started from scratch and then I move to threading in the Android Platform. To achieve this goal I used the Efficient Android Threading book , written by Anders Goransson. Obviously the guide isn't for beginners of Android programming and it requires a minimal knowledge of Android SDK.

First chapters are dedicated to the basics of threading and how the operating system manages the multi-threading. These chapters allowed me to memorize  some concept and to have a better background about the system threading management. The following chapters are focused on how to use the Android framework's multi-threading tools .

In my opinion this book offers to the readers the opportunity to become familiar with the whole range of techniques that allow to build more responsive Android Apps by using threads. I have appreciated the comparison between available techniques listed in the final chapter that suggests why and when to use one technique over the other In fact, until now I have mainly used the AsyncTask that is one of the most employed technique to realize apps by asynchronous method and I realized that sometimes an alternatives can work better. Using the hints of the book I explored all the possibility and now I can improve my code by use more appropriate techniques for asynchronous programming .

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